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“ provided CIBER with an on-line alternative for registering individuals in our workshops at CUE 2005. By using CIBER was able to free up valuable time before the event, drive high attendance rates in our workshops and as a result increased our overall return on investment in CUE. Because of this success, CIBER opted to utilize for our “Post-CUE 2005” survey. The results were extraordinary. I feel we truly have a partner in Digital Concourse. They have provided us a valuable tool, and have integrated very well into our marketing plans. Thanks again to Digital Concourse for all their efforts and a great partnership!”

Bill Geddy

Director of Sales

CIBER's Lawson Practice

Simple, Smart, Now.

Collaboration Foundation


Collaboration is an understatement today. Collaboration on the web used to mean message boards. However, the web is littered with sites that are never used and/or poorly implemented. The extent of collaboration was typically limited to message boards and list serves.

Today, collaboration and networking has moved an order in magnitude towards reflecting the natural relationship people have with each other… it just so happens today that relationship is on the web.


News Feeds/Walls

People are regularly geographically dispersed. There is so much information; it has become difficult to discern not only the information, but who it comes from and why you should care. In addition, collaboration shouldn’t be limited to the web… you run a business, you need help, you need answers – or you have the answer. Why not use all connection means possible; the web, phone, email, instant messaging, or social networking.

Digital Concourse’s Collaboration Foundation is a rich Web 2.0 collaboration suite of tools and features that you have come to expect. Traditional features such as message boards and Blogs along with high-end Social Networking functions. Now this is collaboration!

Some of our major features associated with Digital Concourse Collaboration Foundation

  • Community Calendars – Share what’s going on with others
  • Groups – need to create a sub group? Public, Private, Invite Only
  • Find Someone – Find people by name, demographics, or any custom attribute
  • People/Content Walls – Better than email, simpler that instant message – leave a message on a wall, interactively communicate. Works for people and just about every piece of content in the system.
  • Connections – Create a custom address book representing your network. Share information simply and instantly. You can communicate widely, ask a question, or even do a simple survey to your network.
  • Content Sharing – Have some content you want to share? It’s simple, click “Share”, and choose your audience and your done. Simple!
  • Message Boards – Traditional message boards, unlimited forums, posts. Moderated and private forums, email notifications
  • WIKI/Cloud Drive – Need to collaborative build content? It’s simple and allows your group to manage content. Check-in/Check-Out, Tags, and simple security help you work in a group.

Flexible and Fast Implementation

Features You Need

100% Self-Service


  • Web 2.0
    • Community Calendars
    • Groups
    • Find Someone
    • People/Content Walls
    • Connections
    • Content Sharing
    • Message Boards
    • WIKI/Cloud Drive
  • Message Boards, Blogs, Exhange
    • Authenticated users (valid profiles)
    • Unlimited Forums, Threads, Posts
    • 100% Self-service and On-Demand, 24/7
    • Email notification of new posts and replies
    • Graphical rating capabilities
    • Moderation capabilities
    • Graphical “Avatars”
    • Nicknames
    • WYSIWYG post and reply entry (graphical editor)
    • Post statistics
    • Full-text Search
    • Abuse notifications
  • Blogs
    • Self-service blog entry
    • Posted comments
  • Exchange/Share
    • Self-Service Upload/Download
    • Search tags and “Tag Clouds”™ - all rights reserved - ©2003-2013 - Privacy Policy - Terms of use

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