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“ provided CIBER with an on-line alternative for registering individuals in our workshops at CUE 2005. By using CIBER was able to free up valuable time before the event, drive high attendance rates in our workshops and as a result increased our overall return on investment in CUE. Because of this success, CIBER opted to utilize for our “Post-CUE 2005” survey. The results were extraordinary. I feel we truly have a partner in Digital Concourse. They have provided us a valuable tool, and have integrated very well into our marketing plans. Thanks again to Digital Concourse for all their efforts and a great partnership!”

Bill Geddy

Director of Sales

CIBER's Lawson Practice

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Digital Concourse has been developing custom, private, digital communities since 2003. We build digital communities that drive deep affinity between your customers, your people, and your organization.

Delivered in a SaaS model, the Digital Concourse platform is easy to deploy and flexible to change without ever writing a line of software code.  Designed to be managed by customer and marketing personnel, not programmers.

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