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"Registering via the Digital Concourse made it extremely easy to have a list available when checking in our registrants. It also provided a simple way to produce name tags."

Margie Gyurisin
Mid-Atlantic Lawson User Group

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Customer Testimonials

Digital Concourse made organizing our Cerner’s Great Lakes and Midwest Regional User Groups conference a breeze. We were able to post and update our agendas, activities, and registration detail all on-line. Conference reminders, surveys and announcements could be sent to our contacts on our schedule. Best of all WE could modify the site contents from our desks and see the results instantly. The support staff was always available and very knowledgeable to assist with any question or difficulty. Thank you Digital Concourse for your help in making our conference a success!

Amy Robertson
Spectrum Health

The Cerner North Atlantic Regional Users Group would like to thank the staff at Digital Concourse for hosting the online registration and communication portion of our conference this past spring. Their tireless efforts working through issues and providing valuable data made our first year with them very smooth. We look forward to using their services for all of our future conferences.

Kevin Heere
RUG Chair

I just wanted to let you know that the SW RUG was a great success. Digital Concourse really helped me manage the event. It was easy for the clients to register and I especially liked that the clients could sign up for the individual sessions. The reports I was able to get from Digital Concourse were also very helpful. A week before the conference I could tell that I did not have enough meeting rooms so I was able to contact the hotel before the meeting rather than have rooms with too many people.

Gary Nechvatal, Sun Health and Brenda Spitzer, Cerner Corp.

Thank you! A sincere pleasure working with Digital and It was a Great Event and a Blast. Thanks again for everything, Super Job!!!!!

Johnny O. Goolsby III
Cerner Corporation

“Digital Concourse provided an excellent user-friendly method for individuals to view all pertinent information for my conference, complete a pre-conference informational survey, and to register quickly & efficiently. I was able to easily obtain registration information, analyzing it in a variety of manners. The post-conference survey was also simple to distribute and provided valuable feedback. Everyone supporting this product has been extremely helpful, and I look forward to using it again for my next meeting!”

Jill Hendel
Membership & Events Coordinator
Midwest Lawson Users Group

“Registering via the Digital Concourse made it extremely easy to have a list available when checking in our registrants. It also provided a simple way to produce name tags."

Margie Gyurisin
Mid-Atlantic Lawson User Group

“I have served as the President of the Lawson Southwest User Group for the past four years and in that role I have had the opportunity to work with the team at Digital Concourse for all of our meeting scheduling, tracking and enrollment. Digital Concourse also is hosting our SWUG group’s website. Eric Lopez and his entire team have produced a quality product that has saved me an immense amount of time and stress in my meeting planning. They are always so cooperative about helping people learn to use the product and they listen to their user community. When we make suggestions for improvements, if it is in their power to do so, they take action to insure that they are delivering the best tool possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a meeting planning website!!!”

Debra Kendrew
Director of Council Administration Service, Boy Scouts of America

Through Triad’s strategic partnership with Digital Concourse, they have assisted us with saving our clients time and money while providing them with valuable strategic information to know their customers better. Digital Concourse has elevated our registration and reporting capabilities to the next level and given us a competitive edge in the market.

Jennifer Arrends
Triad Conferences

"The Digital Concourse has had a significant effect on our customers experience with our event. Lawson leveraged Digital for the first time with our Customer and User Exchange (CUE) 2005 event, bringing our event to a whole new level. We used on-line customer information to interact with customers on a one-to-one basis prior to the conference. By using a pre-event survey during registration we were able to arrange key meetings directly targeted to attendees while they are at the event. According to our customers, this was our best CUE event to date. We are excited to take advantage of even more features as we continue using Digital for CUE 2006."

Angie Franks
Vice President of Market Development
Lawson Software

"I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for all your help the last several years I worked on the LGUG. You’re one of the group’s best friends. You’ve always been very positive and energetic about finding mutually beneficial solutions... I want you to know that I believe that the group as a whole, and I personally, really appreciate all you’ve done. I hope that the group in the future continues to have such a great partner and friend."

Dave Huffman

“Digital Concourse was a wonderful registration tool for our user group! It automated the process and kept the list of attendees organized and available at a moments notice. We look forward to using it for upcoming user group meetings!"

Carla S. Henke
Dakota Electric Association
Director of Accounting
Midwest Lawson Users Group
Lawson Global User Group

“Thanks for all of the work and effort that you and Loring have put into creating an opportunity for us that I'm confident will be a success. I'm very pleased to hear that LGUG's executive sponsor and team appreciate the sponsorship as a win-win approach.”

Greg Benton, Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc.

Digital Concourse provided CIBER with an on-line alternative for registering individuals in our workshops at CUE. By using Digital Concourse, CIBER was able to free up valuable time before the event, drive high attendance rates in our workshops and as a result increased our overall return on investment in CUE. Because of this success CIBER opted to utilize Digital Concourse for our post-CUE survey. The results were extraordinary. I feel we truly have a partner in Digital Concourse. They have provided us a valuable tool, and have integrated very well into our marketing plans. Thanks again to Digital Concourse for all their efforts and great partnership.

Bill Geddy
Director of Sales
CIBER’s Lawson practice

"Digital Concourse made our first ever webinar a success, within 48 hours we had exceeded our expectation and had 250 webinar registrants. Due to the high demand, MHC held another webinar the following week and again had a total of 125 attend our webinar. There has been as increase in revenue activities that we are able to tie back to this marketing solution Digital Concourse has assisted us with. DC was extremely helpful every step of the way - from set up to meeting execution. We will be using their marketing tools again in the very new future. "

Jenny Mattson
MHC Software, Inc.

“Thank you so much Digital Concourse for all the help you have provided to the TN Lawson User Group for our meeting registrations this year and especially for the help you have provided for the SE MEGA Lawson User Group meeting August 14th and 15th in Atlanta, GA. Digital Concourse, Inc. has always been there for us when we needed your help for our meeting announcements and registrations. Keep up the good work!”

Hollis CaseyTN TN/SE MEGA Lawson User Group

I have personally been working with Loring Kaveney and Eric Lopez from Digital Concourse for the past 5 years. They have and continue to make significant improvements in our registration process. We have been able to post conference agendas, hotel links, nomination/voting ballots and also have the ability to do online surveys for things like opt out selections and tour registrations. I really like the fact that there is personal attention to our needs. These folks are very committed to customer satisfaction. Eric has developed custom reports to satisfy the needs of our planning committee. And both Eric and Loring have actually come to our event to follow up and provide assistance where needed. Thank you Digital Concourse for your continued support and attention!

Sandy French
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