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"Through Triad's strategic partnership with Digital, they have assisted us in saving our clients time and money, while providing them with valuable strategic information to know their customers better. Digital has elevated our registration and reporting capabilities to the next level and given us a competitive edge in the market."

Jennifer Arrends
Triad Conferences

Simple, Smart, Now.

Event Foundation


A critical touch point for business is the “meeting”. Of course meetings happen regularly, but we are talking about the meetings also known as events. Where hundreds if not thousands of people attend.

There are three important aspects of any “Event”… Before, During, and After…

Before - setting up of the site, marketing communications regarding the event, and ultimately, the On-line registration.

During - you want accurate information that helps you manage the event. How many rooms, moving sessions as needed, alerting folks of change, on-site check-in, etc…

After - you want to understand the financial impact, who came, how they felt about the event, and of course a variety of information and analysis that helps you improve.

Session Management

You need a registration system that is simple, yet powerful. Business people want and need an accurate agenda that reflects the business value. They not only want to register for the meeting, but also for individual sessions; they want to build their own personal profile. They want to register others on their behalf. They want to pay with a credit card, etc…

You want a system that collects data real time, provides analysis of the breakdown of the group, and reports on just about everything that is collected.

From small events with less that 20 people to large corporate tradeshows, Digital Concourse is the right solution.

Flexible Implementation

Features You Need

100% Self-Service


  • Unlimited profiling attributes
  • Real-time profiling updates when needs change
  • Unlimited payment options
  • One-to-One Payments, communication options
  • Integrated in-line surveys
  • Credit-card/check processing
  • Full eCommerce event cart
  • Comprehensive Administration Portal
  • Full branding and customization available
  • 24/7 availability
  • Up and running in as little as 15 minutes
  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • Resource Planning
  • Room Blocking
  • Presenters/Bios
  • Session Registration

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