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"Through Triad's strategic partnership with Digital, they have assisted us in saving our clients time and money, while providing them with valuable strategic information to know their customers better. Digital has elevated our registration and reporting capabilities to the next level and given us a competitive edge in the market."

Jennifer Arrends
Triad Conferences

Simple, Smart, Now.

Site Foundation


Whether you’re building a simple web site or a comprehensive, interactive community site, Digital Concourse Concourse has you covered.

Site Foundation is an advanced web site authoring tool that delivers your initial site up in minutes. As your plan progresses, you can easily add pages, links, pictures, flash, and other content. Integrated functions allow you to easily capture audience data, forward to a friend functions, site maps, and full site text searches.

With unlimited pages, WYSIWYG editing, and drag and drop operation, building a site is simple and fast with Site Foundation.

Page Building

Many Options

Flexible and Fast Implementation

Features You Need

100% Self-Service


  • No HTML required
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Links/Tabs
  • Complete Brand Flexibility
  • One-To-One Site Content
  • Scheduled Content
  • Rotating Content
  • >500 Integrated Standard Functions
  • Private/Public/Invite Only
  • Drag and Drop Multi-level Navigation/Links
  • Integrated Community Functions
  • Integrated Social Networking

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