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"Digital Concourse provided an excellent user-friendly method for individuals to view all pertinent information for my conference, complete a pre-conference informational survey, and to register quickly & efficiently. I was able to easily obtain registration information, analyzing it in a variety of manners. The check-in process was greatly streamlined, alleviating the usual headaches. The post-conference survey was also simple to distribute and provided valuable feedback. Everyone supporting this product has been extremely helpful, and I look forward to using it again for my next meeting!"

Jill Hendel

Midwest Lawson Users Group

Simple, Smart, Now.

What we do...

Digital Concourse is an on-demand, business social platform that leverages the natural collaboration your customers want while collecting segmented information about your customers that is important and helps you improve customer satisfaction.

Completely customizable and administered by your customers, Digital Concourse reflects your brand while easily running itself and producing incredible ROI when you consider the value of customer affinity, lead generation, and ease of communication flow between and through your customers.

We do this by…

  • Delivering a business social networking approach that connects your customers to your company and to each other.
  • Provide a customer infrastructure where customers can take polls, surveys, attend events, create web sites, participate in message boards and blogs
  • Provide the ability to allow your customers to find others like them based on a flexible demographic definition

Deliver a world-wide view of your customers and allow your customers to network and collaborate to answer their own questions

Your Digital Concourse based community is branded, private, secure, and your data.
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