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Digital Concourse is the ideal online vendor that provides Cerner RUGs with a robust and comprehensive solution for communication and online registration.  Easy access means value add in our world and Digital Concourse meets that requirement.

Denise Doering

Cerner Healthcare Corporation

Simple, Smart, Now.

Survey Foundation


Survey Foundation from Digital Concourse provides a quick and easy way to survey your audience. With a flexible and easy setup for surveys and polls, you decide the type of survey questions you will ask; you decide the survey size, and with integrated marketing automation, you chose the distribution audience for the survey.

You can develop simple polls with integrated graphs and charts for the user and high end surveys that include multiple questions, integrated workflow, multiple page jumps, and user authentication or not.

All survey information is stored in our database and is easily reported via our standard reports or customized query. In addition, Digital Concourse provides an integrated analysis tool that delivers comprehensive charts and graphs, drill down, and administrator commentary at every level.


Questions, Pages, Workflow
20/20 Analysis

Unlimited Questions

Surveys, Polls, Dynamic

100% Self-Service


  • Unlimited questions
  • Polls
  • Multi-Page
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Integrated Analysis Tools
  • One-to-One surveys
  • Dynamic Category questions
  • Real-time updating as needs change
  • Radio, check-box, ranking, essay, field, special class options
  • Question, Element, Description format
  • Full Survey Administration Portal
  • All information including profile easily downloaded to Excel for further analysis

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